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Kosher Candy, Chocolate and Gift Baskets

At Illinois Nut & Candy we are proud to say we are the largest Kosher candy, chocolate, gift basket, and corporate gift store in the Midwest. We are located in Skokie, Illinois only 12 minutes away from the Chicago border.

What does it mean to be a Kosher candy store?

To be a Kosher candy store requires a certification process in many ways similar to an ISO process. The process is like this

A vendor contacts Illinois Nut & Candy to sell a new product, before discussing price we ask the vendor to fax or email over their Kosher letter.  Upon receiving the letter we then forward that to our Rabbinic the supervision  the Chicago Rabbinical Council. Our Rabbi reviews the letter and either gives us the OK to use the vendor / product or tells us it is not recommended. If the product is not recommended we tell the vendor we are not interested in the product. If the product is recommended that it is certified by reliable Rabbinic Supervision we discuss purchasing the product from the vendor.  

Are your products blessed?

The simple answer is no. Only Kosher meat and poultry are blessed as part of the Kosher slaughtering process.

Lastly as a Kosher candy, chocolate, gift basket, and corporate gift store we close early during winter months for the Sabbath and are always closed on Saturday.


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